File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
bowtie2bp.c [code]
bp.c [code]Parser for breakpoint files
bp.h [code]
bp2alignment.c [code]
bp2fasta.c [code]
bp2wig.c [code]
bpClustering.c [code]
bpFilter.c [code]
bpValidate.c [code]
export2mrf.c [code]Converts the export files of a paired-end experiment from Illumina to MRF
geneFusions.c [code]
geneFusions_cgi.c [code]
gfr.c [code]
gfr.h [code]
gfr2bed.c [code]
gfr2bpJunctions.c [code]
gfr2fasta.c [code]
gfr2gff.c [code]
gfr2images.c [code]
gfrAbnormalInsertSizeFilter.c [code]
gfrAddInfo.c [code]
gfrAnnotationConsistencyFilter.c [code]
gfrBlackListFilter.c [code]
gfrClassify.c [code]
gfrConfidenceValues.c [code]
gfrConfidenceValueTranscript.c [code]
gfrCountPairTypes.c [code]
gfrExpressionConsistencyFilter.c [code]
gfrLargeScaleHomologyFilter.c [code]
gfrMitochondrialFilter.c [code]
gfrPCRFilter.c [code]
gfrProximityFilter.c [code]
gfrRepeatMaskerFilter.c [code]
gfrRibosomalFilter.c [code]
gfrSmallScaleHomologyFilter.c [code]
gfrSpliceJunctionFilter.c [code]
mainpage.h [code]
mrf.c [code]Module to parse mapped read format
mrf.h [code]
segmentationUtil.c [code]Segmentation utilities
segmentationUtil.h [code]
seqViz_cgi.c [code]
showDetails_cgi.c [code]
sqvCircos.c [code]
sqvCircos.h [code]
sqvUtil.c [code]
sqvUtil.h [code]
sqvWeb.c [code]
sqvWeb.h [code]
util.c [code]
util.h [code]
validateBpJunctions.c [code]

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