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FusionSeq is a computational framework to detect fusion transcripts from paired-end (PE) RNA-Seq data. FusionSeq includes filters to remove spurious candidate fusions with artifacts such as misalignments or random pairing of transcript fragments and it ranks candidates according to several statistics. It also has a module to identify exact sequences at breakpoint junctions. FusionSeq detected known and novel fusions in a specially sequenced calibration data set, including 8 cancers with and without known rearrangements. In an extended dataset, FusionSeq discovered a set of several new fusion transcript. For more information on its requirements, how to install and run FusionSeq, please see here.

Please note that the documentation here provided is an 'alpha' version, intended to be used by the developer. It may change without notice to reflect the most recent changes.


See here for details about FusionSeq requirements.


FusionSeq can be downloaded here.


Instructions for installing FusionSeq can be found here.

FusionSeq main website

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