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The table shown provides data on the numbers of edges and nodes associated with Structure Interaction Network (SIN, Kim et al), as well as the numbers for proteins and edges associated with motions, for both Human and Yeast, with color coding to highlight different classes of data. Subcategories include the node types (non-hub, singlish hub, or multi-interface hub), along with the types of edges ('transient' or 'permanent') and motions (conflicting or compatible).

Philip M. Kim, Long J. Lu, Yu Xia, and Mark B. Gerstein (2006) Relating three-dimensional structures to protein networks provides evolutionary insights. Science 314: 1938-41.

Nitin Bhardwaj, Alexej Abyzov, Declan Clarke, Chong Shou, and Mark B. Gerstein (2011) Integration of protein motions with molecular networks reveals different mechanisms for permanent and transient interactions. Protein Science 20:1745-1754.

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