For aggregation, correlation, and saturation of signal tracks from genomic experiments

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[corr-p] Version of correlation which uses large window size to convert signal files into binary hit files. Parallelized for large data sets. Sample data used in the ACT paper can be found here: [corr-examples].

[corr-sat-bundle] Version which uses a smaller window size to divide a signal file into bins. The bins are then correlated based on mean, maximum, or existence of signal in the bins. Note this is bundled with a version of the Saturation program. A version without sample data can be found here [corr-sat-bundle-nodata]

Prototype website [web-act], with sample run files, but limited to small data sets. For the correlation option, produces heatmap and dendendogram plots using R and Phylip.

Gallery [gallery] for correlation, has example figures and an example output from Web ACT.

Contact: jjmg [at]