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Eric J White, Olof Emanuelsson, David Scalzo, Thomas Royce, Steven Kosak, Edward J Oakeley, Sherman Weissman, Mark Gerstein, Mark Groudine, Michael Snyder, Dirk Schübeler:
"DNA replication-timing analysis of human chromosome 22 at high resolution and different developmental states"
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U S A 101:17771-17776 (2004)

Replication timing ratio, both cell lines

This is the data underlying the replication timing profile in Figure 4 (smoothed ratios).
.txt version (tab-delimited)
.xls version (for Excel, OpenOffice Calc)

Gzipped tar-balls of all the microarray data:

Unprocessed microarray data (replication)
Fibroblast (HFL-1):
B-cell (NC-NC):

Unprocessed microarray data (transcription)
Fibroblast (HFL-1):
B-cell (NC-NC):

Please also consult the dye schema for the slides, and the mapping of the fragments to their chromosomal locations (the ID1 column corresponds to the "Name" column in the gpr files; an asterisk in the last column means that no unambiguous mapping between original Sanger chromosomal position and Ncbi34 chromosomal position could be obtained).

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