Random text articles I've encoded into MP3s in 2003 to 2005 and listened to (ask if you're interested in the mp3)
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27-May-03 Parallel Universes N
08-Jun-03 Genes in Context Wi
08-Jun-03 Genome Politics An I
08-Jun-03 Measuring Complexity
08-Jun-03 Prokaryotes Even wit
08-Jun-03 Rapid Climate Change
09-Jun-03 Life Beyond OOP To t
09-Jun-03 Managing the Environ
09-Jun-03 Prokaryotes Even 2
09-Jun-03 Rapid Climate Change2
09-Jun-03 The Evolutionary Eco
09-Jun-03 The Growing Threat o
18-Jun-03 A genome wide analys
18-Jun-03 A small fortune The
18-Jun-03 Alzheimer s Disease
18-Jun-03 Comprehensive Sequen
18-Jun-03 Foresight in Genome
18-Jun-03 Influenza The world
18-Jun-03 New Antibiotics and
18-Jun-03 Pathogens Host Cell
18-Jun-03 Protein Structures F
18-Jun-03 The Molecular Anatom
18-Jun-03 The Origin of the So
18-Jun-03 Why Leaves Turn Red
15-Jul-03 Analysis of essentia
15-Jul-03 CENSORS of the Genom
15-Jul-03 Combing Chromosomes
15-Jul-03 Gene Chips and Funct
15-Jul-03 Hybridization and Ex
15-Jul-03 Limits of the Geneti
15-Jul-03 Measuring Success in
15-Jul-03 Mitochondrial DNA an
15-Jul-03 Rebuilding the Food
15-Jul-03 Scientific Publicati
15-Jul-03 Television Addiction
15-Jul-03 The Science of Scien
16-Aug-03 The Importance of Co
16-Aug-03 The Useful Pursuit o
18-Aug-03 Bookies in Exile By
18-Aug-03 Discovering the Edge
18-Aug-03 The Sweet Science of
20-Sep-03 A Light Show Beyond
20-Sep-03 Even on Wall Street
21-Sep-03 Force Multiplier Wes
21-Sep-03 People Like Us We al
21-Sep-03 Will Frankenfood Sav
23-Sep-03 Air Passengers Carry
23-Sep-03 Trying to Kill AIDS
23-Sep-03 Uncoupling Campus an
27-Sep-03 George Plimpton Auth
27-Sep-03 ncbi MBC DNA Repair 16
27-Sep-03 No Call List Constit
28-Sep-03 Confessions of a Spa
03-Oct-03 10 1 Bacterial Gene
03-Oct-03 9 2 Chromosomal Orga
03-Oct-03 Bridging Structural
03-Oct-03 Pushing Peer to Peer
03-Oct-03 The City of Stories
05-Oct-03 On the Final Journey
26-Jan-04 Brooklyn the Borough
26-Jan-04 Enzymology s New Fro
26-Jan-04 He Aims He Shoots Ye
26-Jan-04 Hoopla and Hope in B
26-Jan-04 More and More Autism
26-Jan-04 Politics of the Web
26-Jan-04 Ratner Faces Balanci
26-Jan-04 SP M SHEN NIG NS Tha
26-Jan-04 The Tyranny of Copyr
26-Jan-04 Uneasy Lies the Head
01-Feb-04 The Company They Kep
01-Feb-04 The Justice Who Came
07-Feb-04 The Virus Undergroun
16-Feb-04 Softwar and Everyon
16-Feb-04 The Genome War Spee
16-Feb-04 The Working Poor Ca
21-Feb-04 Life in the Age of O
21-Feb-04 Reanimated By DEBORA
28-Feb-04 A Frenchman or a Jew
28-Feb-04 The Pull of Family B
29-Feb-04 Search Beyond Google
29-Feb-04 The Virtual Heart A
06-Mar-04 Can Pfizer Deliver D
06-Mar-04 Surveillance Nation
06-Mar-04 Translation in the A
13-Mar-04 10 Bombs Shatter Tra
13-Mar-04 Are You Bipolar Mild
13-Mar-04 By Michael Hiltzik M
13-Mar-04 Digital System Speed
13-Mar-04 Empowering the Wi Fi
13-Mar-04 Making a Pitch to a
13-Mar-04 The Camera Never Lie
13-Mar-04 The Deadliest Sin Fr
13-Mar-04 The Friends of Marth
13-Mar-04 The Hollow Army The
13-Mar-04 The Imbalance of Pow
27-Mar-04 Al Franken Seriously
27-Mar-04 Get Out of My Namesp
27-Mar-04 Mayor With a Mission
27-Mar-04 The Case of the Cher
30-Mar-04 A Two Planet Species
30-Mar-04 Close Up Young Rumsf
03-Apr-04 Changing All the Rul
03-Apr-04 Our Sprawling Supers
03-Apr-04 The Quest to Forget
05-Apr-04 The CEO Diet By EILE
16-Apr-04 Diversity s False So
16-Apr-04 Making Sense of the
17-Apr-04 The Logic of Suicide
18-Apr-04 Now Can We Talk Abou
18-Apr-04 The Dark Art of Inte
18-Apr-04 The End of Primary C
19-Apr-04 Big Picture Biotech
19-Apr-04 Internetworking New
19-Apr-04 Kurzweil s Rules of
19-Apr-04 Microsoft s Magic Pe
19-Apr-04 Sweet Hope for a Mal
19-Apr-04 The Sound War Focuse
01-May-04 How to End Grade Inf
01-May-04 Lesser Evils By MICH
01-May-04 The German Question
01-May-04 Three Cheers for Ass
03-May-04 U S Is Losing Its Do
08-May-04 Clean Image Is So Ke
08-May-04 In the Balance Rumsf
08-May-04 Intel Halts Developm
08-May-04 The Bionic Running S
08-May-04 The Internet s Wilde
09-May-04 The Tug of the Newfa
16-May-04 Dawn of the Daddy St
16-May-04 My Times A year afte
16-May-04 Prep School Peers Fo
16-May-04 The Anti Olmsted By
16-May-04 There s No Escape Wh
16-May-04 Total Pest Control B
23-May-04 Bioterrorism and the
23-May-04 Feature New Improved
23-May-04 For Country The Seco
23-May-04 How the Iraqis See T
23-May-04 RNAs Running the Sho
23-May-04 Sizing Up Nature s D
23-May-04 The Enormity of Obes
23-May-04 The Way We Eat Now A
23-May-04 Towards the 1 000 Ge
11-Jun-04 Friends Friends With
14-Jun-04 A Long Way Down By B
14-Jun-04 The Fading World of
14-Jun-04 The Fidelity Fix By
14-Jun-04 The Irresponsible In
14-Jun-04 The Maestro Slips Ou
14-Jun-04 The Netherworld of N
14-Jun-04 What The Bagel Man S
14-Jun-04 Where Art Studio Mee
10-Jul-04 Blogs Help You Cope
10-Jul-04 Cocktail Hour Get re
10-Jul-04 Cracking the Code to
10-Jul-04 How Can I Sex Up Thi
10-Jul-04 Once upon a technolo
10-Jul-04 Sex Tips for Red Sta
10-Jul-04 Stem Cell Science Wh
10-Jul-04 The Chinese Century
10-Jul-04 The God Particle and
10-Jul-04 The Homeless Hacker
10-Jul-04 The Ultimate Pitchin
19-Jul-04 Office Messes By LIS
26-Jul-04 The Quest for the No
08-Aug-04 Built to Swim By MIC
08-Aug-04 Bush to New York Her
08-Aug-04 NANOOK AND ME by LOU
08-Aug-04 The Line That Time
14-Aug-04 An Alternative to Wi
14-Aug-04 For Art History Scho
14-Aug-04 Translating Iceland
15-Aug-04 Sharon s Wars By JAM
19-Aug-04 Rise of the Machines
19-Aug-04 Singapore Wants You
19-Aug-04 Welcome to the Broad
20-Aug-04 A Machine With a Min
20-Aug-04 BigChampagne is Watc
20-Aug-04 Friendly Fire The Bi
20-Aug-04 Kerry Calls Ad Group
20-Aug-04 MATRIX2 Bullet Time
21-Aug-04 Living Machines Tech
21-Aug-04 Mars Gone Wild Milli
21-Aug-04 Size Matters Nanotec
21-Aug-04 The Civil War Inside
21-Aug-04 The Quiet Zone Cell
21-Aug-04 This Gun For Hire By
02-Sep-04 At Penn Station a St
02-Sep-04 How to Reinvent the
03-Sep-04 Scientific Method Ma
03-Sep-04 The New American Ido
03-Sep-04 Weapons of Mass Mobi
11-Sep-04 Always on the Job Em
11-Sep-04 Cracking Under the P
11-Sep-04 The Democratization
11-Sep-04 Working Long Hours T
04-Oct-04 Fear and Laptops on
10-Oct-04 Eat Chocolate Live L
10-Oct-04 Kerry s Undeclared W
10-Oct-04 The Crusade Against
10-Oct-04 The Genome in Black
11-Oct-04 Jacques Derrida Abst
11-Oct-04 The Man Who Showed U
20-Feb-05 Unintelligent Design
04-Mar-05 In Search of Lost Ti
04-Mar-05 Panel to Advise Test
04-Mar-05 The Genesis Project
04-Mar-05 The Lost Soldiers of
06-Mar-05 A Fairy Tale for Gro
06-Mar-05 Breaking Away By JOS
12-Mar-05 Reforming Social Sec
12-Mar-05 The 2004 Nobel Prize
12-Mar-05 The Nobel Prize in C
12-Mar-05 The Nobel Prize in P
13-Mar-05 Looting at Weapons P
13-Mar-05 Our Currency Your Pr
13-Mar-05 The Quality Cure By
13-Mar-05 The Two Faces of Ris
13-Mar-05 Under Bush a New Age
23-Apr-05 Our Ratings Ourselve
23-Apr-05 The Evolution of a J
23-Apr-05 The Other Stem Cell
21-May-05 Girls Just Want to B
21-May-05 The Fathers Crusade
25-Jul-05 Hydie Sumner Wants H
25-Jul-05 If You Can Make It i
24-Sep-05 Believing and Believ
24-Sep-05 The Quantitative Dat
24-Sep-05 What Are Mergers Goo
01-Oct-05 The Trend Spotter Ti
22-Oct-05 Chasing Ground By JO
23-Oct-05 Meet the Life Hackers
20-Nov-05 The Prodigy Puzzle B
10-Dec-05 Coach Leach Goes Dee
10-Dec-05 The Day the Sea Came
18-Dec-05 Bush Lets U S Spy on
18-Dec-05 Monkey Business Keit
18-Dec-05 The Economy of Desir